Severe was born and raised Dallas,Tx Just at the age of 14 Severe started rapping with the influence of both Tupac and his now deceased Grandmother. Severe started off as a group artist and later became solo. Venturing in the streets of Dallas Severe experienced many ups and downs in life and the music industry. 

Although most of his experiences have been great opportunities with music such as: 

He's had an radio interview with KAZI Radio in austin texas. He performed at a 97.9 the beat car show in which he was able to meet Michael "5000" Watts . He told him that his music was hot, and to keep grinding. He's had mutiple internet radio interviews also.

Severe has opened for a number of artist including : Lil Flip, Party Boyz, G-spot Boys. Young Nino & Hot Boy Star, Trap Stars, Fat Bastard of (Dsr), and Mr. Pookie and Mr.Lucci.

Never the less to add on to more of his accomplishments Severe has also performed at multiple clubs in DFW, surrounding cities and in Austin. 

Severe has performed at charity events, birthday bash parties, car shows, clubs and more. 

Severe released "Back On The Scene" The Mixtape vol.1 Severe opened the doors to the public to hear his second mix tape (Back On The Scene vol.2 ) at his cd release party. In which over a 100 people attended. Severe was his own promotion team for the event. This young talented artist has worked with Reggae,R & B, Rock and Pop artist. 

Severe is looking forward to working with a label/Rec comp. that can help him share his creativity with the world. Also allowing God to lead him down the right path during his journey.

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